Accounting services

The company «Censor» professionally provides accounting services since 2003. We are ready to help with accounting and the preparation of declarations, to give high-quality consultation, or solve any problems related to accounting and taxation of your organization or an individual entrepreneur.

The following is a basic, non-exhaustive list of our accounting services:

The advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping services

The Federal Law "On Accounting", states that any organization by the conclusion of a treaty the right to entrust your accounting to a third party or a specialist.

Using accounting services (specialized agency, you get several advantages:

  • independent opinion on your question;
  • a higher level of liability than an accountant - private individual;
  • costs for services reduces the tax base.

Trusting our team, you not only get high-quality service. We are keenly watching the developments and ongoing training for our employees. Moreover, while working in the area of providing accounting services to our employees a wealth of experience to address a wide variety, including specific issues and nuances.

Это позволяет нам с одинаковой профессиональной четкостью разбираться в вопросах работы с физическими лицами и организациями любых форм собственности, вне зависимости от вида их деятельности и применяемого налогового режима.

Thus, our experience, a wide range of accounting services allows us to be maximally effective in addressing the issues of our clients.

If you have not found the above topic that interests you, please call us and get detailed information directly from our experts.