Registration of firms

Law firm «CENSOR» s ready to assist you in registration of legal entities, such as:

You have decided to go into business and start their own business? You need to register a company?

Company Registration - the process of gaining legal status.

This is a prerequisite required by law for commencement of business or commercial activity.

Registration in the current environment - no easy task, often coupled with all sorts of difficulties and obstacles at different stages. If you are not familiar with all the nuances and pitfalls of domestic legislation, the registration of the enterprise may be for you an unpleasant surprise.

Long-term experience of our staff will help you quickly find the stream rapidly changing legislation.

If you already have their own organization in a different region and you want to carry out their activities in St. Petersburg, we will take over responsibility for registration of a branch or a separate division of your organization.

Our efficiency lies in the competence of our specialists who carefully, calmly and respectfully listen to you and help you solve your problems.

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