Help with administrative matters

Law firm «Censor» will provide you a full range of legal services in administrative cases, including in cases such as:

  • violation of fire safety rules;
  • violation of the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population;
  • violations in the field of environment protection and natural resource management;
  • violations in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities;
  • violations in the area of finance, taxes and fees;
  • violation of conducting of cash operations;
  • rude violations of rules of accounting;
  • responsibility for the realization of goods, turnover of which is prohibited or limited;
  • violations of laws about advertising.

Today, probably there is no such employer or organization that has never experienced with inspections of different government agencies, and as a result, they meet with regulations and sanctions. Despite of the fact that we have a number of regulations to protect the rights of entrepreneurs during inspections and checking, the list of such matters is not reduced. With such inspections can make a visit such organizations as Labour Inspectorate, prosecutor's office, and fire safety control inspection. This list can be continued.

In such cases as committing administrative violations may be established and applied the following administrative penalties:

  • warning;
  • administrative fine;
  • retributive withdrawal of instrument or the subject of an administrative offense;
  • confiscation of the instrument or the subject of an administrative offense;
  • deprivation of special right granted to an individual;
  • administrative arrest;
  • administrative deportation from Russian Federation of foreign citizens or persons without citizenship;
  • disqualification;
  • administrative suspension of activity.

Law Firm «Censor» has extensive experience in providing legal assistance to clients in administrative matters. We defend the interests of the client by a legal investigation in administrative matters (during the forming of protocol, making a determination) and submitting of interests of the client in the court.

Our specialists will assist you in following issues:

  • recognition of the illegal decisions of tax authorities, fire supervision about imposing of an official penalty in the form of fine;
  • recognition of the illegal decisions of prosecutor's office;
  • recognition illegal court decisions about suspension of activity of organization;
  • recognition invalid non normative acts of state structures;
  • appeal in a judicial and extrajudicial procedure actions (or inaction) of officials of state structures.

Legal services in administrative affairs include:

  • familiarization with the documents in the case of administrative violation;
  • identification of strategies and tactics of an administrative case;
  • gathering and presenting evidences in court in administrative affairs;
  • call and examine witnesses on the case of administrative violation;
  • revealing and indication to the court about presence of procedural irregularities during forming a case about administrative violations, if they are exist;
  • search and submission of additional evidence in the case of administrative violation;
  • protection of the rights and interests of the client in law proceedings (also in the absence of the client);
  • appeal against a court order in a higher instance in case of administrative violation;
  • appeal against the imposition of administrative penalties and other actions of legal character.

All information about procedure and conditions for assistance in administrative matters can be obtained by calling on our phones, or by e-mail.

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